Topmost Predictive Dialer Software of 2020 for Call Center Startup and boost up your business

Predictive Dialer Software is Outbound Call Dialing Software that dials a number from the list automatically. The Dialer Software allows call center agents to predict when the agents will be available and how much it will take to answer the call. This will help in connecting more live calls directly to the agents and increase their productivity. The dialer software having the capability that it can dial multiple numbers at a time. It will dial the right number of leads at the right time to ensure the maximum agent’s utilization. The software will function through the computerized system which dials numbers in bulk and connect the call to call center agents.

The software aims to minimize the time that agents spend waiting in between the conversations. It has the ability to utilize a call by checking the human agent’s availability and then make a call. As the dialer only connects agents to live calls, agent time is not wasted on listening to dial tones of unanswered calls, invalid numbers or fax machines. The agent time is spent entirely on talking to supporters keeping them motivated to call more. Dialer makes a connection by connecting and then optimizes dialing so it can move the agent from one call to the next.


How Predictive Dialer Works:

Predictive Dialer Software as per the name it predicts the agent availability and after that, it dials the customer numbers and connects directly to the agents. The dialer software uses some calculations to predict the exact time when the agent should finish up the current call and dial the next call. This will helps in saving the agent’s time as well as client time. Dialing the call manually will take time and only one out of three or four calls get connected.

Benefits of Predictive Dialer:

  • Increase agent efficiency

The dialer software frees up the agents from looking up the list and manually dial the number from the list. This will saves the agents time and help in increasing agent efficiency.

  • Smart Management

The dialer software, when connected with a smart lead management system, will handle all the information about lead carefully. It automates and collects all the detailed information about the call into the CRM.

  • Increase Sales

Being connected to the right is the key to close the sale immediately. The dialer software eliminates fake calls and connects to the most relevant customer which is likely to purchase.

  • Lower Cost

It is another main benefit of Predictive Dialer Software as no one needs expensive setup or a dialer software that dial calls manually. You can take it at lower cost and make more use of it.

Features of Predictive Dialer:

  • Answering Machine Detection

Predictive Dialer Software has the capability that it can answer machine and sends a message for that to the customer. The dialer will skip that particular number and send for callback and start dialing the next number on the list.

  • Scheduled Callback

No one wants to lose single contact in their list so the Predictive Dialer Software has the capability that it can send disconnected calls or busy calls n the list for the callback so no call will miss.

  • Call Monitoring & Recording

This is one of the most important features that everyone needs, it helps in monitoring the activities as well as helps in increase agent productivity. The software also records the call for the future.

  • Live Report

When the dialer software is connected with CRM Software provide more help to the agents and managers also. It will show the live call records and current running call to their senior persons.