Vert-Age Dialer Predictive Dialer used to dial calls. It is outbound dialer software which can dial calls. The predictive dialer is a voice calling system used to increase the working speed and make the work easy of call center agents in the call centers. The Predictive Dialer Software dials the calls from the telephone list and connects only those calls which are answered to the Agents. The dialer connects only answered calls so it is helpful in saving the time of the agents and connects many people in less time.

The Dialer Software also measures the availability of the agents for answering the calls and the availability of lines for connecting the calls. A Predictive Dialer Software helps in lead agents directly to customers who are most likely to purchase.

Predictive Dialer Software Features:-

  • Multiple Calls:-

By using Predictive dialer software we can dial multiple calls using the telephone and interact with multiple people using the Predictive Dialer Software . It can also detect and analyze the unsuccessful calls to call back later.

  • Provide Reports:-

It will provide a detail call report, from starting until the call ended which will help the agent or the manager to decide the complete productivity of the calls done by the software.

  • Increase call rate:-

As the Predictive Dialer can dial multiple calls at a time so it has the capability to interact more people at a time this will leads in joining more users in less time which will increase the sell and affect the income.

Importance Of Predictive Dialer Software

  • Accelerate sale, Predictive Dialer Software help in connecting more and more people in less time period it connects the right customer in quickly which results in the complete process in less time.
  • Satisfied customer, the organization which uses predictive dial as a dialer software will focus on providing better services to customers which satisfy the customer. By reaching the customer with special which they actually want mostly this increases customer loyalty.
  • This Predictive dialer software will make work easier. We can manage the data, calls and the report of the employee-generated during the call. It is the best combination of technology and some of the latest tool.