We live in a world where time is of the utmost value and it’s only natural to come up with solutions and ideas to utilize most of our time while getting maximum efficiency. Predictive Dialer Software is one such solution for improved results within minimum possible time. It enables a business to utilize its employee and customer time efficiently by automatically dialing a list of telephone numbers.

What is a Predictive Dialer Software and how does it Work?

Predictive Dialer Software is an outbound calling system that uses a statistical algorithm and reduces the time spent waiting between conversations. It predicts the time taken for a call to end and automatically dials up a second telephone number, this way an employee or agent can attend to a series of calls without delays and interruptions like dialing problems and waiting for the call to be answered.

The Predictive Dialer Software dials three to four calls at a time and ensures maximum agent utilization while making sure that at least one agent is available when a call is answered. It skips busy signals, unanswered calls, disconnected lines and does not employ an agent in a call unless it is answered.

Dialing one number at a time takes up a lot of time and effort, giving rise to almost 33 percent idle time every hour; this naturally decreases the effectiveness and productivity of a business. Using Predictive Dialer Software reduces an average call time by 57 seconds. This may not seem a lot, but it accounts for a considerable amount of time in places like call centers where the primary concern is attending maximum calls in minimum time.

Benefits and Uses of Predictive Dialer Software

  • Using Predictive Dialing software minimizes up-front capital expenses.
  • Ensures maximum productivity and time utilization.
  • Improves the efficiency of each agent by providing an equal number of phone calls to every agent.
  • Reduces IT and operational costs.
  • Ensures useful interaction and customer satisfaction.
  • It is easy to use this software and it can also be integrated with CRM.

Predictive Dialer Software finds its application in the banking sector for debt collection purposes, market research, telemarketing, follow-ups and in call centers.

With maximum productivity in the least amount of time being the paramount need of the hour, it is solutions and Predictive Dialer Software like these that ensure that all needs of a business or an organization are met in terms work rate and output which also extends a healthy relationship between employees and customers.