Predictive Dialer Software for Call Center | Best Featured Predictive Dialer

The dialer will dial multiple numbers at a time and connect them to the available agents who help in saving the customers and agent time. Predictive Dialer connects only those calls which are answered by humans only and freeing agents from unanswered calls, disconnected call, answering machines, and other automatic services. Predictive auto dialer software checks agent availability and when agents will become available and speed up and slow down the dialing rate accordingly to the agents. Advanced predictive dialers have capability to determine the unsuccessful calls so that they can put that number on called back later or require special handling, such as a manual call by an agent. 

Too many calls may face the problem as there are no more agents to handle all the call this will result in the drop of some calls due to unavailability of agents. It will put all the dropped call in callback so that we can’t lose any call. With the help of the dialer software we can earn more profit and we can connect many users in less time. The dialer software will forward the call to the available agent if there is no response given by the agent when the customer calls.

The main goal behind using Predictive Dialer Software is to dial the right number of lead at the right time to ensure maximum utilization of time. Dialer will manage the campaign, set call volumes, provide call volume option to set, and uses different dialing modes like progressive dialing, preview dialing, manual dialing, and predictive dialing.

Predictive Dialer Software Features:

  • Real-time monitoring:

The system will help in displaying a report of both the campaign and the agent’s statistics easily. All the web-based dialer software will also provide graphical reporting module with drill down the facility.

  • Multiple Calls:

By using Predictive dialer software we can dial multiple calls using the telephone and interact with multiple people using the predictive dialer software. It can also detect and analyze the unsuccessful calls to call back later.

  • Provide Reports:

It will provide a detail call report, from starting until the call ended which will help the agent or the manager to decide the complete productivity of the calls done by the software.

  • Increase call rate:

As the Predictive Dialer can dial multiple calls at a time so it has the capability to interact more people at a time this will leads in joining more users in less time which will increase the sell and affect the income.

  • DNC Upload/ Search/ Delete option:

The software will also provide you a simple and foolproof mechanism for uploading DNC list. Using it agent can search for a number is in DNC or not and also delete any specific number from the DNC list.

Predictive Dilaer Software Importance:

  • Accelerate sale, predictive dialer software help in connecting more and more people in less time period it connects the right customer in quickly which results in the complete process in less time.
  • Satisfied customer, the organization which uses predictive dial as a dialer software will focus on providing better services to customers which satisfy the customer. By reaching the customer with special which they actually want mostly this increases customer loyalty.
  • This Predictive dialer software will make work easier. We can manage the data, calls and the report of the employee generated during the call. It is the best combination of technology and some of the latest tool.
  • The software will adjust campaign speed for improving agent productivity. Compliance with advanced and abandonment rate laws and effective use of your telephone resources.