PRI Card is a digital truck line that is provided by telecom service which enables a user to connect 30 calls simultaneously incoming/ outgoing calls using a single line. A PRI or Primary Rate Interface is an end to end digital telecommunication which allows transmission of voice, calls, data or video between network and user. It is the most common technology used for business communication.


A PRI Card is used to connect PRI lines to IP PBX telephony server which helps the IP Phones/ Analog Phones in making both incoming and outgoing calls. The PRI Cards are generally inserted into PCI 3.3V/ PCI 5V/ PCI Express (empty) Slots in the server. PCI interface. PRI Card contains 1, 2 or 4 Slots which will be used to connect 1, 2 or 4 PRI lines. There are some PRI Cards which is come with echo cancellation to reduce the echo generated when Digital Signals are converted to IP & vice versa

  • The cost of One PRI line is less than the cost of 30 analog trunk lines which help in saving money.
  • There is some analog trunk which is used more and some not even crossed the free calls limit.
  • Terminating 30 analog trunks in a PBX requires more slots than the one slot.
  • PRI line, service provider provide around 100-500 numbers which can be used by customers to call.
  • Call Hunting is possible by default with the PRI connection, but for analog trunk, this facility needs to be extended by the service.
  • It is made up of two pair of copper wire which is used to connect the network and user.
  • Basically, a PRI card is one line, but it can transfer 23 separate communications means it can connect up to 23 people at the same time.
  • The capacity of transferring data of PRI Card is 64kbps.
  • One of the best features is that it can work with analog as well as IP PBX system.
  • Compatible with most of the commercially available servers and motherboard.