Telephone Headsets

Telephone Headsets/

When things are working in your way no one can disturb you. You have to be focused on the call and distraction-free by using wireless headphone which stays comfortably in place. All the USB headsets and speaker headphones are work comfortably with all most popular online voice calling services.

There is a different type of headset connectivity like USB Headset, RJ Headset, 2.5MM Headset, and 3.5 MM Headset. All these headphones are used for a different purpose. A unique 3-microphone system with intelligence noise cancellation, which filters the background sound and breathing sound, So that the callers face the best experience.

It will increase the hearing power of the agents so that they can hear even if the customer talks in a low voice. It will also provide intelligence voice control which enables incoming calls to be set to a user defined sound level.

  • User sound protection

PeakStop™ 105 dB SPL, IntelliTone™ 2.0

  • Speaker frequency range

20 Hz – 20 kHz

  • Microphone frequency range

100 Hz – 14 kHz

  • Microphone type

Digital MEMS microphones

  • Microphone bandwidth

100 Hz – 14 kHz

  • Frequency Response (speaker) - 150 ~ 6000Hz
  • Impedance (speaker) - 150 ohms
  • SPL (at 1 kHz, 1 Vrms) - 110 dB
  • Microphone Type - Unidirectional
  • Noise Cancelling - YES
  • Frequency Response (microphone) - 80 ~ 6000Hz
  • Impedance (microphone) - 2.2 K Ohms
  • Compatibility - Panasonic IP Phone and 2.5mm Jack Phones