FXO Gateway

FXO Gateway/Dinstar

An FXO stands for Foreign Exchange Office which helps in receiving POTS services which come from the PSTN. FXO is the plug which is on the phone, in other words, we can say that an FXO is an interface which points to the telecommunication network device. When you connect a PBX to the Telecommunication Central Office, you plug the (FXS) lines from the phone company into FXO ports on the PBX. The FXO ports on the PBX helps you in providing the hook/off-hook indication to the local Telecommunication network.

An FXO adapter is being used when we want to connect VoIP systems like IP-PBX in a LAN environment, to regular analog telephone lines (POTS PSTN lines). An FXO adapter with the point of view of a telephone exchange is like to be a regular telephone. It is used to accept the ring signals, go on-hook and off-hook, and send and receive voice signals.

  • 8/16/24/32/40 FXS/FXO ports
  • CPU: 4 cores, 1.33GHz
  • RAM:1G
  • Network ports:2
  • USB port:1
  • Serial port:1
  • Reset Button:1
  • Storage temperature range: -20~70℃
  • Operation temperature range: 0~40℃
  • Operation humidity range: 10%~90% non-condensing
  • Power source: 100-240V/1-2A
  • Max Power Consumption: 60W
  • Dimension: 44cm × 4.5cm × 30cm
  • An FXO is a plug on the wall whereas  FXS is a plug on the phone
  • An FXO provides the dial tone while the FXS will requests it
  • An FXO is a port that receives a call where FXS is a port that initiates it.