Voice Logger

Voice Logger/Openvox

A Voice Logger is a hardware device which is used to record audio information from the telephone, Radio and other sources. Basically, there are two basic modes of Voice Logger for recording a VOX mode which is voice-activated, and a Non-VOX mode, in which the recording is continuous. Voice Loggers are mostly used in emergency services in business as well as in call centers. It helps in improving customer service by enabling and recording the telephonic conversation with the customer.

Types of Voice Logger

  1. Analog Voice Logger.
  2. PRI Voice Logger.

  • Voice Logger helps in recording the calls of your telemarketing callers, trading agents, customer care and verification department for your business.
  • Using Voice Logger you can solve the dispute and avoid communication gap with your customer.
  • You can also reduce the high bills by avoiding misuse of the phone.
  • The software provides phone recording, list-call log with date-time, incoming-outgoing numbers, duration, and more information.
  • This enables your agents to make a connection with your customers and understand the problem with their performance
  • Provides recording of all channels.
  • Call details reports for all the channels.
  • Store the entire recorded file in.WAV, GSM format.
  • Real-time calls monitoring for the calls.
  • Provide advanced search option with extensive option.