Progressive Dialer

The dialer is computer-based software which helps in connecting customers with an agent. A Progressive Dialer, unlike a predictive dialer which dials a call and dials another call when the first one completes. It can automatically dial a number from the database without taking the permission of human agents. The number of that progressive dialer dials is less than the predictive dialer as it can dial number only when the previous call finishes.

A Progressive Dialer is an automated call dialing system that can only connect agents to calls answered by live agents. It connects call only when the agents are ready which help in increasing contact rates and the decrease in abandoned call rates.

progressive dialing
progressive dialer

Progressive Dialer Features:

  • Maximize Business Outcomes
  • By using Progressive Dialer automatic dialer software we can connect more n more people and increases our contacts. Increasing contacts will help us in increasing more profit so that we can provide good outcomes for the company.

  • Collect More Leads and Revenue
  • Progressive dialer provide agent facility to connect with the live customers it saves agents time. It provides benefit to agents as they waste less time in dialing and spent more time on talking with live person

  • Save Agent Time and Improve productivity
  • Progressive dialer when connects with outbound dialer provide more benefits to agents. Both when combined will saves agent time and provide them much time so that they can solve user issues easily