Reinvent Your Call Center CRM With Vert-Age!

The experience of working at a call centre can be very frustrating and annoying at the same time. This could happen in a situation where you cannot retrieve the relevant information with a customer waiting at the other end waiting to be served.

Keeping yourself competitive and providing excellent customer service requires a tool "call centre CRM". It allows you to have a 360-degree view of the customer life cycle from start to finish. There is no doubt that if you ask any customer service representative, they will tell you that there are many tasks that need to be performed simultaneously at lightning speed.

It’s due to handling the large volume of requests that are being received every minute. Also, it is important to understand if customers are given the slightest hint they are being neglected or they will lose faith in the company.

When you want to build a strong relationship with your clients, it is essential to automate your tasks to concentrate all your energy on helping your clients. There is no better tool to accomplish this than a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program.

With Vert-Age call centre CRM, you'll be able to stay ahead of your competition and create a personalized experience for each customer so that you can stay ahead of your competition. Therefore, without further ado, let's take a look at what call centre CRMs are and what makes them different from your typical contact management software, and how it differs from them.

How does a CRM call centre work?

CRM call centres are a type of customer service centre that integrates CRM software into their operations to keep track of and manage the interaction with customers. Providing a centralized database for customer information and interactions, the CRM platform is the hub of the call centre and serves as the foundation for all customer-related activities.

By using this software, call centre agents can get a better understanding of the customer, which includes their purchase history, contact information, and any previous interactions they have had with the company in the past. By using this approach, agents can deliver more personalized customer service and resolve issues more efficiently.

As part of a strong CRM system, agents will also be able to access customer data and their history of communication instantly. When agents are armed with this vital information, they will be able to improve their first-contact resolution rates as well as their customer satisfaction levels. In a nutshell, if you implement a CRM strategy effectively, you will be able to provide your customers with a real-time, highly personalized customer experience across all channels, including voice, web, and social, all in real-time.

Contact Center Software vs. CRM: What's the difference?

As a result of the CRM platform, companies can automate the way they interact with their clients. The CRM system serves as a database for customers and provides a 360-degree view of the customers and enables the company to improve the customer experience and increase sales at the same time. As well as improving the company's sales management, marketing automation will be able to attract more customers through the use of call centre management in CRM, which will lead to an increase in revenue for the company.

Despite this, Contact Center Software serves as a channel where you can communicate with your clients. By managing the flow of incoming calls, messages, emails, and even social media channels, the software can match inquiries from customers to the right person in the team. Contact Center Software provides a wide range of benefits to an organization, including automating dialling, increasing live chats with customers, and improving communication between company and customer.

As a measure to maximize productivity as well as increase sales, you should consider investing in a Call Center CRM. In this article, we will discuss how a Call Center CRM will unlock the potential in your Call Center and keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

What is the difference between a Call Center - CRM Integration and a CRM - Call Center Integration?

There is no doubt that these two tools are best used together, as we've already mentioned. This is the only way you are going to be able to cover the needs of all your business tasks. In this article, we will explain the difference between the two types of integrations and what the benefits of each one of them are.

1. CRM Integration - Call Center

If you are using a CRM solution for your call centre, it means that the system is integrated into your solution. In the solution's interface, your agents will not have to switch between two windows to be able to see customers' data from CRM only during calls. There is a possibility of making some changes to the client card within a call centre solution if you need them to do so. After a conversation, API will save the changes, as well as the link to the call record in the CRM after the conversation is complete. Using this integration type, you will be able to achieve a higher level of security when interacting with the remote call centre team. With this integration type, your agents will only be able to see client data during a call, and you will be able to decide what information you wish to provide them (phone numbers can even be completely hidden if necessary).

2. Integrated CRM - Call Center

Integration between a call centre solution (call centre widget) and a customer relationship management system is what this term refers to. Calls can be made and received within a call centre CRM software without the need to switch over to a call centre solution. To make a call, an agent must click on a button that is added beside the customer's record when he or she wants to make the call.

When the customer calls in, their profile will appear as a pop-up window on the screen during the inbound call. Call centre agents can access the primary features of the system without having to leave CRM, such as taking calls, placing customers on hold, transferring calls to other agents, muting and unmuting calls, etc. It may also be possible to add a call disposition to a call centre solution that will be stored in a database. Such automation tools as power dialers are also available sometimes.

There are several similarities between both integration models. A customer record added to one system can be pushed to another system if it was exported or added to another system. In both systems, someone will automatically save as soon as all changes you make. It is also possible to use both CRM software and call centre software separately if that is what you need. The choice of the model is entirely up to you. There will be no difference in the main benefit regardless of what you decide. Having such an integration is a very time-saving feature.

How Vert-Aage can help

With Vert-age's CRM software, companies can revolutionize their call centres and gain a better understanding of their customer's needs and behaviours by improving their customer service. As a result of leveraging adaptive and predictive analytics, companies can give their customers consistently the kind of experience they are looking for and offer them the kind of offers that will boost sales and business growth the most.

With Vert-age's contact centre CRM solutions; you can optimize interactions with customers and data to improve both customer satisfaction and lower costs at the same time. Vert-age's CRM applications are available as on-premise solutions or in the cloud, and they help companies achieve higher customer loyalty, improved productivity, and significant business growth the use of CRM solutions.

Besides of that, Vert-age provides its cloud-based call centre CRM software to its clients with a guided desktop design. It provides customer service agents with valuable information on customers, predictive and adaptive analytics across all channels, enterprise case management tools that simplify and speed up customer service, and social media monitoring tools.