Ticketing CRM Software, a software system that can generate the tickets of customer inquiries. The ticketing software integrates with CRM stores all the contact information of the customer with their queries. A Ticketing System will convert all the incoming calls which come from different customers for different issues from different channels into a ticket. From this system, it’s easier to manage all the customer's requests from one place which will help the support team to interact with the customers easily and work efficiently.
As Ticketing CRM Software can generate a unique ticket for every problem and saves it for a long time, so it is more important in the user’s point of view or for the organization.

Get detailed information about your sales and support

Your sales and support team need the ticketing CRM most, they have to save all the data of the customer which will help in further queries. It is the major software used by many organizations for their ease.

Improve your customer service with Ticketing CRM Software

The Ticketing CRM Software provides a unique dashboard that solves the customer's problems and manages a large number of tickets. Managing a large amount of tickets is a difficult task but Ticketing Software makes it easier.


Benefits Of Ticketing System

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Proper Management

Our Ticketing System has a proper management system that can provide answers to commonly-faced issues that customers have. This will increase your knowledge base as you grow.

Better Performance Report

Our support team is on the front line every time and always trying to keep a customer happy and successful using our product. It allows you to do this by providing an analysis of key metrics.

Live Chat Customers

This is very popular these days as it is necessary to have this functionality in one place. It helps in reducing ticket backlogs, as most issues can be resolved in chat without any further investigation.

User Friendly Interface

You must have a user friendly interface, your employees work day in and day out on the CRM System. We keep in mind and design a CRM that efforts for users to fulfill their request.

Features Of Ticketing System

  • Easy To Use
  • A Ticketing System that should be accessible to all users using the internet and other sources. With easy Ticketing System it is easy for customers to enter data and process it.

  • Immidiate Assign
  • Once the ticket categorized, it is assigned to the available agent who is proficient in handling that request easily. They also have backup agents that replace with the first one in case of emergency.

  • Send Ticket By Mail
  • There are many companies that support submitting a ticket through E-Mail. It is mandated to convert mail or web submission form to a ticket for saving time.

  • Customized Templates
  • Not all tickets are same, you need to choose a system where you can create different templates for different ticket that make easier for the agent to respond.

  • Privacy On Tickets
  • Not all the conversation of the ticket is shown to customers. You need to keep the ticket conversation in the system with some private limitations.