Ticketing System a Complete Customer Support Helpdesk

A Ticketing Software also famous as the Help Desk Support system is a software which allows organizations to manage their product-related issues by generating separate tickets of customers and streamlining the process of issue resolution. The help desk software collect tickets from multiple sources and tracks all the activities related to customer ticket from fully functioned dashboard.

Each ticket that is created acts as a documentation of a particular issue, it shows its current status and other associated information. These tickets are routed to the IT Help Desk Software or Task Management Software where they are categorized, prioritized, and assigned to different agents according to the availability of the agents. Allotted tickets when received by the agents then they analyze these tickets and resolve the issue. As soon as the ticket resolved agent also mark the context of the issue history and its resolution.

When it comes to efficiency, not all Ticketing System has created an equal impact on customers. Vert-Age Task Management System is a system that makes it easy for your business to track and solve customer support tickets in a quick time. It manages all the information from one single dashboard and allowed each customer a unique ID so that they can also keep an eye on their requests progress.

Effortless Customer Support Helpdesk System:


  • Easy Manage Tickets

In this section, you can add more tickets, and also you can manage tickets by assigning each ticket to agents or can take further action that is required for the ticket.

  • Create Customers

The customer section is to register a new agent that helps in solving customer issues. You can manage them using the Manage Customer dashboard and also can see each customer detail easily.

  • Email Facility

Our Help Desk Support System also has an email section using which you can coordinate with customers very easily by sending them quick mails. This will makes work more easy and comfortable for the agents.

  • Up-to-date Reports

All the ticket related reports live resolved tickets, pending tickets and many more are updated using a graph. The reports copy can easily be downloaded or sent to the person whom it belongs to.

  • Contacts Chat

Normally ticketing system doesn’t have a chat facility but here we provide Chat option in our featured Ticketing System. Using Chat agents can easily communicate with their contacts available on the list.

  • UI Elements

UI Elements is the section that our Multi-Functional Ticketing System has that have many options like Process, User, Reports, Chats, Category, Departments and more. Agents can directly go to any section they using UI elements.

Why Help Desk System is the Need of Organizations?

Every organization must need a fully functioned Help Desk System to streamline your customer support processes. IT Helpdesk Support is to fix issues of customers as it is not possible to manage employee issues and internal IT service requests together. An IT Ticketing Software converts all incoming support related requests from multiple channels into tickets and connects both the customer and support agents. These customer support helpdesk system can be used to store and manage all IT support, HR, legal, financial related queries.

Ticketing Software provides more benefits to your organization if used the right way. It helps companies cut down costs, reduce agent time spent on resolving particular tickets, improves your agent's productivity. This Ticketing Software will helpful for every business and comes in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to choosing the right Ticketing Software that's fit for your industry/business you need to check features that solve your problem at least cost.

There are many industries in which Ticketing System used like Educational Institutes, Financial Institute, Hospitals, Retails, IT, Telecom and more. Companies have multiple locations across the globe and provide different services in many fields. There needs to be a robust, well-organized management system that connects the company and the buyers efficiently.

To manage better communication among the whole process we need to adapt organized helpdesk systems. Using a smart ticketing software system, companies can ensure better and faster customer support, reduced employee training time, and also organizing and tracking customer service requests quickly.

Why Choose Vert-Age Customer Support Helpdesk?

We provide you most popular customer support software. You get powerful ticketing software at a friendly cost with all advanced features that enable your team to provide the best customer support.

  •  Help Center

Let your customers find what they are looking for even when your team is offline.

  • Live Chat

Keep your customers always connected with you and makes them happy through personal live chat.

  • Manage Workflow

Agents can easily set up their workflows and automate all the activities to save time in solving the issue.

  • Integration with 3rd Party

Easily integrate your Ticketing System with your favorite CRM and other applications.

  • Improve Customer Loyalty

Using fully organized customer support ticketing software, it becomes easier to satisfy customers. This makes customers loyal to our products and services.

Key Benefits of Ticketing System:

  • Tasks Management System helps in optimizing organizational performance through better interdepartmental communications.
  • Using the advanced Helpdesk System for different organizational processes that helps in reducing the associated costs of the services for the organization.
  • Customer Management Software helps organizations in improving management and minimizes response time to outstanding customer issues.
  • Agents can easily track and respond to customer service requests efficiently with the help of a reporting dashboard.
  • Easily monitor and manage organizational resources more effectively so you can serve and provide time to time to your valuable customers.