Top 6 Emerging Customer Engagement Trends That Will Continue In 2023

An engaging customer experience requires a good brand value that can turn customers into brand evangelists. Recent studies reveal some noteworthy customer engagement trends that can affect businesses worldwide.

Some may consider these statistics conversational fun facts, but these can improve the customer service team's ability. Consolidating the information could help the team stay on top of customer service. Here are some most emerging customer engagement trends that will continue in 2023.

1. Chatbots are becoming widely adopted

Managing the number of customer support calls and emails is the biggest challenge in fast-growing companies. When they do not hire additional employees to operate their support channels, it becomes difficult for the teams to expand their bandwidth.

Chatbots eased the pressure by collecting the data with no human assistance. Besides collecting data, they provide pre-recorded answers to customers that save time for both the company and its customers. As a result, companies could improve customer experience by implementing chatbots.

2. At Various Customer Touchpoints, Sentiment Analysis Is Employed

Reporting and analytics are not the only aspects of contact centre monitoring. Companies should dig deeper rather than just scratch the surface. The analysis of sentiment analysis will be the part of the process. As a result, agents know when their customers are angry, furious, or agitated. It could solve the problem before any problem.

Customer sentiment analysis examines the underlying subtext of customer communications, including calls, texts, reviews, and comments on social media. The customer experience will be enhanced because of discovering patterns and opportunities.

To gather relevant input from data, such as social media comments, blogs, and product reviews, it uses a combination of cutting-edge technologies including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and computational linguistics. Assuming these inputs are positive, neutral, or negative, the tool flags the responses accordingly.

3. Experiences across all channels

The omnichannel experience is a noteworthy customer experience trend to watch in 2022 because customers want to be able to reach out to you on multiple channels. Over 76% of businesses have increased their investments in providing customer service through multiple channels.

Customers can contact your business in a variety of ways, such as by phone, via social media, by email, or via chatbots, and they can choose whichever channel is most convenient for them. 

4. Maintaining customer loyalty through continued investment

Keeping loyal customers means more sales for your business in the future. Their business drives 80% of yours, but they only make up 20% of your customer base. A newly launched product is also 50% more apt to be tested by existing customers, and they spend 31% more money than new customers. The more likely they are to practice word-of-mouth marketing and refer others, the more likely they will earn more profit.

Businesses will heavily emphasize loyalty programs that demonstrate appreciation for loyal customers and motivate them to keep returning because loyal customers create the highest conversion opportunities. Loyal customers are 68% more likely to join loyalty programs if they are offered.

5. Artificial intelligence enables human-centric marketing

When AI was still in its infancy, marketers struggled to connect customer engagement channels with content. Marketers can collect consumer behaviour data, but they must decide what to do with it. Today, marketers can deliver relevant, timely content to customers across every channel in real-time using advanced tools. By using AI properly, marketers can increase their effectiveness, decrease the amount of time they spend analyzing data, and automatically suggest appropriate strategies for the next step in the customer journey.

Marketing automation capabilities will become even customer-facing as AI technology matures. By the year 2025, Microsoft expects AI-powered channels to power 95% of customer interactions.

6. Auto Dialer Software

Due to the market's unique growth patterns, potential, and promise, the Auto Dialer Software market size in 2022 is expected to grow rapidly. As discussed in this post, a look at manufacturing techniques and methods, distribution channels, and product models will shape the auto dialer software market in 2022.

The rapid growth of market share for automatic dialers is attributed to the growing demand for call centres. It improves business productivity standards. Also, auto dialer software is in demand among diverse industries due to the growing demand for cloud-based dialling tools that boost sales, improve customer relationships, and increase automation.


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