Vert-Age: Complete cloud based call center solution

To stay ahead of the complex competitive environment, businesses need to adapt cloud based call center solution. To the growing demands of customers, optimize their existing IT ecosystem and migrate to technology that can provide seamless customer experiences. Many businesses benefit from the latest technology because of its flexibility, cost optimisation, convenience, and many other benefits.

Increasingly, contact centers are identifying the advantages of cloud based call center solution in their particular industries because of technological advancements such as digital intelligence, cloud technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. By adopting automated, reliable, and responsive data centers, contact centers are overcoming the limitations of legacy systems, growing customer behaviour, and changing business models.

There are still many call centers relying on traditional on-premise solutions to maintain their customer data. It is most common to install, configure, license, and make headsets compatible with their industry-specific software systems in on-premise call centers, dedicated communication servers, and headsets in their respective industries.

A call center that is on-premises has its own advantages and disadvantages. IT staff and software maintenance are the responsibilities of businesses with on-premise call centers. The reliability of customer-representative communication is one of the primary reasons to choose an on-premise contact center.

The limitation of an on-premise call center is also similar to that of an off-premise call center. While adopting, they make decisions about strategy and budget from setup to operational costs. To provide a better customer service experience, customer service representatives must stay at their desks, which restricts business mobility. In an on-premise call center, the security and privacy of a large amount of customer data become a tedious task with data breaches of utmost importance.

Cloud or AWS cloud based contact center is replacing on-premise call centers, according to a report from The State of Customer Experience 2017. There has been a migration of 39% of contact centers to the Cloud based in the India, with 57% planning to move to the Cloud within three years.

Study findings confirm that many call center solutions for small business have become the infrastructure of choice for a majority of organizations today. It is the speed of deployment that contributes most to the success of call center solution providers. A foolproof security system, improved profitability, and technology that keeps up with growing customer needs are also included.


Organizations that stress high profitability through improved operational costs and customer service often use cloud-based call centers. As organizations seek to streamline their technology in order to benefit their customers, they are creating a profitable engagement hub requiring little infrastructure investment. The advantages of using the best cloud contact center as follows:

1.Deployment speed 

As cloud-based call centers do not require any hardware equipment, they are quick and easy to implement, and there is no hassle in setting up the system in the location of your business.

2.A business model based on seamless integration

Through the use of cloud-based call centers, users will be able to seamlessly access systems via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world and provide high-quality customer service at any time, anywhere in the world.

3.Flexibility and scalability

Cloud-based call centers are scalable and can be scaled based on the needs of a variety of businesses in terms of their business operations.

4.24x7 customer service

In a cloud-based call center, agents can manage customer inquiries from anywhere, anytime, and in any language.

5.Keeping track of performance

As a business, you can put all your focus on improving agent performance through the use of cloud-based contact centers, which will result in higher levels of productivity and service quality.

6.Easy-to-use System

With cloud-based solutions that are easy to use and designed with the user in mind, users will have access to advanced technology lauded with benefits, facilitating their business operations. In this way, it allows agents at call centers to take advantage of the features of enterprise-level systems without the hassle of arduous training on outdated systems and the difficulties they face in using those systems every day.

7.An integrated approach

It is common that call center solution providers in India rely on a number of software applications, such as Customer Relationship Management, call script generators and helpdesk tickets. There can be a lot of difficulty in integrating your traditional call center system with your data from these systems. It can integrate several of the most popular business tools with cloud-based contact systems with one click.

In turn, this provides an enhanced agent experience, reducing the amount of redundant data and maximising the amount of efficiency and productivity of the agents. By holistically integrating different systems, decision-makers can have access to a variety of information in one location from anywhere, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions.

8.Improved productivity

One can achieve an enhanced call monitoring process through cloud-based contact center solution. Using cloud-based technology, agents can take effective decisions through a single, integrated dashboard.


Businesses today must use agile technology and decide promptly. By doing so, we can stay ahead of the competition and provide exceptional customer service. Customers now see the enterprise through cloud based call center solution. For companies to successfully support a customer base where customer preferences keep changing, a systematic approach that enhances performance, channels support, engagement, reporting, and analytics is necessary.

Strategically, Vert-Age cloud based call center solution is one of the top 5 cloud contact center providers. The software facilitates these objectives by facilitating agility and transformation.

Customer service issues will be reduced, and ROI will be improved because of higher uptime. Achieving these goals requires enterprises to choose the right cloud contact center solution and strategic partner.