Vert-Age Auto Dialer Software: Improve Your Customer Experience

Auto Dialer Software simplifies and speeds up work. A call centre can be made more efficient by using it. Call centre dialers need to keep up with evolving call centre technology as it affects productivity.

Before automation, agents had to manually sort customer numbers, read their details, and dial the phone number. A call centre agent can spend his or her time on other tasks instead of wasting it on this. Automating the dialling process in contact centres is possible with a call centre dialer.

Automated dialer software can automate these time-consuming and tedious tasks. There are many things you need to know about call centre dialers and auto-dialers in this article.

Auto Dialers: How Do They Work?

Auto dialer software requires a computer, a voice modem, a manned answering machine, and an active telephone line to function. By using VoIP (voice over internet protocol), one can download recorded audio over the telephone line rather than using a voice modem.

A standard desktop computer has two to four internal modems; the more modems you have, the more concurrent calls you can make with call centre software. Using the software, the computer will be instructed to dial the appropriate numbers, and then it will tell the computer what to do when there is a busy signal, voice mail, or someone picking up the phone. 

To connect the phone, the auto-dialer software must first decide which number to call and for how long it is going to stay on the line.

A conventional auto dialer is used to call every combination of numbers at random, a practice now referred to as "war dialling". Today these dialers pick leads from databases that they have access to. The majority of calls are answered by a person within the first 25 seconds of a call being made, or within the time it takes the call to ring four times.

If no one answers by the end of 25 seconds, the auto dialer will drop the call, which usually means the call will be forwarded to voice mail. There is also a chance that the call will be dropped if it encounters a busy signal on the phone line.

Some automated dialer software contains proprietary software that can detect if the call is coming from a person or a voice mailbox so that the call can be answered correctly. As soon as the auto dialer receives a call from the caller, it will guide the call to a recorded message or a live operator who will assist the caller. As a result, if there are no live operators available at the moment, an automated message will be played and the caller may even be put on hold.

Stats are compiled based on phone call length, whether a person answers the phone or a voice mail, and other factors. Based on the information that is provided by the agent, the auto dialer uses what is known as predictive dialling to make calls before the agent has even completed the call. The ideal situation for a call centre would be for the agent to connect with another caller immediately after the agent finishes with the first caller.

In this way, personnel can focus on the needs of their customers instead of having to deal with ringing phone lines or unanswered calls for an extended period of time. As a general rule, auto-dialing systems are composed of four basic components:

1. Auto-dialer software

By using computer software, auto-dialing systems can automate the dialling of numbers. Depending on the software and service provider you select, the features and capabilities you will be able to take advantage of with an auto-dialer are determined. On a computer with a CPU speed that is greater than 550 MHz, most basic auto-dialing systems can run with a good level of audio quality and CPU power.

If you plan to have a call centre that handles upwards of 10,000 channels, you will need a powerful server rack that houses several cores of CPUs, a lot of RAM, and a fast broadband connection in order for your system to work effectively.

2. Voice Modem

For transmission and reception of voice recordings over the phone line, it is necessary to use a voice modem. There are a number of devices and modems that support voice transmission using this technology.

So make sure that any device you use is able to handle voice transmissions as well as data transmissions. It is a good idea to look for any indication that a specific modem comes with some form of voicemail software.

3. VoIP or landlines

A voice-over-IP (VoIP) connection can be achieved via a landline or through an auto-dialer system by connecting the calls. While auto-dialing systems are becoming the norm for numerous businesses, they are moving towards cloud-based, integrated systems that integrate with top CRM software solutions, and that offers an extensive list of advanced features that are able to replace the need for a voice modem.

4. Human agents

Many auto-dialing systems use prerecorded messages, but live agents play a starring role in many scenarios. It is required at the very least that one employee is responsible for recording any messages, selecting the appropriate call list, selecting the dialling mode, and activating the system. As a result of many auto-dialing systems, a large number of employees are required to handle inbound calls while they are running.

In the case that you have ever called a customer service department and been given the option of holding on or having a representative return your call then you have likely been routed through an auto-dialling system with a callback feature.

In the event that you select to receive a callback when the customer service team can reach you, you are waiting for the auto-dialer software to find the next available agent, so place your call as soon as an agent becomes available. 

There are several types of auto dialling

A sales team, a call centre, or an agency requires a high degree of automation using a variety of auto-dialing products. They fall into four main categories.

1. Preview dialer

With preview dialers, agents can get a better understanding of the identity of a customer or sales lead. In this way, agents can tailor their sales pitch or access the tools they need for technical support, as well as adapt their sales pitch as they go along.

2. Voice broadcasting

Also known as robocalling, voice broadcasting plays a prerecorded message to the recipient of the call. There are times when voice broadcasting leaves a message for the recipient if the receiver does not answer the phone.

As well as a survey system, this can also be used as an outbound interactive voice response (IVR) system, where the receiver is given a number by the outbound IVR system and a touch tone by which to indicate their answer.

3. Progressive dialer

The progressive dialer - also known as a power dialer - automatically calls every number in your contact list to see if there is a live person on the line. When a person answers the phone call, progressive dialers route that individual to a live agent who is available to answer their questions.

By making use of these systems, agents can spend more time selling, learning, or collecting information, which leads to increased productivity.

4. Predictive dialer software

It is possible to place a call seconds before the predicted availability of the next agent, by using a predictive dialer, which uses algorithms to predict when the agent will be available. Through this high-rate dialer, every unanswered call can be handled by the computer.

It allows workers to focus on speaking with the individual on the other end of the line rather than answering phone calls. When agents are unavailable, despite the prediction being made, the caller on the other end can be left without anyone on the other end of the line if no agents are available.

Final Words

In order to reap the benefits of auto dialer software, you cannot ignore the need for a call centre dialer once you consider the major advantages of the software. A very important thing to keep in mind is that every call centre has a unique set of needs and, therefore, requires a different type of auto dialer. As a result, before investing in an auto dialer solution, it is very important to know how to select the appropriate auto dialer for your particular business needs.