Vertage Predictive Dialer | Features of Predictive Dialer

Vertage Predictive Dialer | Features of Predictive Dialer


A Predictive Dialer is Outbound Calling Software that automatically dials calls from the list of numbers. It dials numbers automatically and can help agents screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers, and disconnected numbers. It has the ability to predict the availability of the agents to make the next call. The dialer is capable in dialing multiple numbers at the same time. The main goal behind using advanced Predictive Dialer is to call the right number of leads at the right time to ensure maximum agent utilization.

Hosted Predictive Dialer Software are preferred by many companies as they help in minimizing the expenses and reduce IT costs. A Dialer is capable of dialing, classifying, and then assigning the calls to the most appropriate agent. The dialer can be integrated with CRM Software in order to provide more flexibility to call center agents.

Reasons Why Predictive Dialer Is Getting More Popular?

Vertage Dialer

Not all dialer software is the best fit for each business, it totally depends on their requirements. This is the same in the case of Predictive Dialer Software. They are programmed to focus on volume and speed, which makes them great for certain kinds of work and not as well-suited to others. There are many industries like marketing, sales, polling, customer service and more who earn the biggest benefits using predictive dialers.

It saves agents time and money and keeping things moving quickly in scenarios that require it. It reduces the call connecting time, dials calls according to client availability and also increases the call center agent's productivity. It helps in managing the agents and keeps an eye on the performance and the productivity of call center agents.

Discuss Some Benefits of Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

  • Faster Than the Manual Dialing.

If agents are still dialing calls manually by typing each number, again and again, it is time-consuming. It takes about 30 seconds to dial each outgoing number. With Predictive Dialer that 30 seconds is reduced and put back into productive use.

  • Increased Agents Talk Time

Using the dialer software agents will spend more time on calling with the customers. As they spend more time on the phone with clients, the more sales are going to be generated. With a predictive dialer, the call goes to an open agent who is capable of serving the caller.

  • Decreased idle time

The idle time during the call is one of the biggest time-consuming for the agents. it may take by entering the notes into their CRM or dialing another number, agent idle time needs to be reclaimed. Using Predictive Dialer Software agents can reduce the idle time and increase in talk time.

  • Fewer Dropped calls

No leads list is perfect. They may be disconnected, incomplete, inaccurate numbers that do not connect or some will ring busy signals. Predictive Dialer software makes sure that these types of calls are never routed to an agent that saves agent time and increasing the amount of time that agents spend on live calls.

  • Integrated Lead Management Software

Lead management software stores all the information about particular lead and ensures that there are fewer dropped leads. These leads are developed from names and phone numbers into information-rich files that help agents to fully connect with the customer.

Here are list of Features of Predictive Dialer


  • Integrated CRM

CRM is most powerful software and helpful for business to analyze and manage customer interactions to improve customer service. CRM, when integrated with predictive dialer, reduces the average handling time of agents.

  • Proper Call Recording

Recording calls is one of the important features for every call center manager. This feature allows a dialer to record customer-agent communication. These recordings can be monitored by the seniors to improve conversation and make it more effective.

  • Easily Detect Answering Machine

Sometimes the call is received by the robots at the customers receiving end. In this case, answering machine detection helps to determine whether the call is answered by the live person or by a machine. This will saves agent’s time.

  • Filter Based Calling

Filter based calling allows call center agents to filter the targeted customers based on their location, area code and time- zone. When the dialer software starts dialing the numbers, it filters out the specific numbers that do not follow the mentioned condition.

  • Scheduled Callback

While dialing the numbers there are some number which didn't connect due to some reason. A predictive dialer has the capability that it can set a reminder and schedule a call for those numbers. Agents get a pop-up message at the scheduled time of the callback.

Why Predictive Dialer is important for Business

Before Predictive Dialer, manual dialing is the only way of communication to connect with the customers. Advanced Predictive Dialers is useful software for call center agents that handle their outbound calling operations. It automatically dials leads by ignoring voicemails, no-answers, busy signals, and disconnected numbers that give a massive boost to agent productivity. The dialers minimize the need for additional internal IT infrastructure while allowing agents to work remotely – providing call centers with increased flexibility.

With full access to call center tools like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice Messaging, and Automatic Call Distribution(ACD), our smart dialer software is useful for increasing agent's efficiency. It also provides useful information of the customer to help call center leaders make smarter decisions across their operations.