Send Your Personalized Voice Messages with Voice Broadcasting Software

Voice Broadcasting is a technique of sending pre-recorded voice messages to your customers. It is a mass communication technique that allows you to send automated calls to a large number of people at a time. The software will call a list of numbers and when the call connects the software will play a recorded message. A complete interactive voice broadcasting platform that is based on the latest technology and is capable of handling huge traffic. We are a reliable and convenient voice broadcasting solution provider in India. Use your advanced voice broadcast services to generate new leads and upload the number list and call them to offer. The contacts are directly connected to your business.    

Agents can use Voice Broadcasting Software for notifications, alerts, offers, announcements and more. Using the telephony system or advanced computer, you can contact a huge number of people in less time.

How it works:

The Voice Broadcasting Software will call the list of numbers and when the call connects, it will play your recorded message. You just need to upload a list of contacts using which software dial the calls and simple press option when asked. You can also choose a different message when an answering machine answers the phone calls.

You can schedule the right time from the campaign when you should dial the calls, also you can select the number of calls dialed per hour and much more

Features of  Voice Broadcasting:

  • Text-to-Speech:-

Advanced Text-to-Speech software speaks when you type. It will write the text over a call just like a human. Alternatively, you can also upload your own audio file.

  • Import Contact List:-

Using the software solution you can easily import your contact list by simply uploading a CSV file. You can add fields like Name, Contacts, Phone, Email and more.

  • Track Your Calls and Record:-

Using the dashboard you can easily track your calls and record them easily. Tracking and recording calls generate detailed information about your work process.

  • Live Call Transfer:-

While Voice Broadcasting the software also provides you the option t transfer the call to the live agents in case they have queries regarding the service. This results in the instant lead generation and high lead conversion.

  • Scheduled Control:-

A Voice Broadcasting System provides you the facility that you can select the time when you should start, choose the duration of the total effort and also you select the end time of the campaign.

Advantages of Voice Broadcasting:

  • Cost-effective:-

Sending voice calls directly to customer database is expensive because of high pulse rates. A Voice Broadcasting allows you to reach many different recipients at very low cost. It saves your resources and time also.

  • Improved Productivity:-

As the software will dial calls automatically without agent involvement, it frees up agents and allows them to focus on other work. This will boosts agent morale and also improves the productivity of the organization.

  • Scalable:-

This is the best advantage that allows you to scale up or down your marketing effort easily. The difference in cost in dialing a single number of multiple numbers is too less so, you can dial multiple numbers at a time and increase connectivity.

  • On Time Delivery:-

You can select the time at which you want to send the message, the message sent to the time at which you schedule it, there is no chance of distraction to the plan.