Voice Logger for Call Center & Types of Voice Logger

Voice Logger basically, there are two basic modes of Voice Logger for recording a VOX mode which is voice-activated, and a Non-VOX mode, in which the recording is continuous. Voice Loggers are mostly used in emergency services in business as well as in call centers. It helps in improving customer service by enabling and recording the telephonic conversation with the customer.

Better communication with the clients plays an important role in a Call Center Software as it is the main way to run their business. Every call centers need to track calls that will reach out to customers for business analysis. It is very efficient in telephone recording it helps the managers and supervisors to keep track of agents call. It helps in evaluating an agent’s performance and track customer’s queries. The voice or phone data is recoded and stored in compressed format on the magnetic media. This data is stored on hard disks in .wav format so that it can achieve more flexibility and easy to transport the data to other systems.

A Basic Need for Your Business

No matters in which Business you are the Voice Logger is used in almost every business and all the call centers believe that most of their inquiries like order tracking, payment, complaints and many more are done over the phone. These conversations are most important for your business so you need to record these conversations. The Voice Logger will provide the facility to record these conversations and help in your success. We can use this application in the call center, security, banks, hospitals, the inquiry department, etc.

Types of Voice Logger

  • Analog Voice Logger.

  • PRI Voice Logger.

  • Analog Voice Logger

The Analog Voice Loggers is a multi-line voice recording device which helps in recording phone conversations occurring on analog trunks and extensions. It is capable of logging call details including the Caller Id, Ring Duration, Call Duration, Call Time, Call Type, Status of Call, Recording Format and the actual recorded audio of the phone conversation.


  • Provides recording of all channels.
  • Call details reports for all the channels.
  • Store the entire recorded file in.WAV, GSM format.
  • Real-time calls monitoring for the calls.
  • Provide advanced search option with extensive option.

PRI Voice Logger

The PRI Voice Logger is an application which is used to install in any Linux system with voice recording solution so that it can record ISDN PRI Digital Trunk lines. All 30 telephone channels which are connected to the PRI line can be recorded in stereo or mono audio formats.


  • Record all the 30 channels per ISDN PRI on E1 Trunks.
  • Help in identifying the number of both the caller and the calling person.
  • Call details reports for all the channels.
  • Store the entire recorded file in.WAV, GSM format.
  • Real-time calls monitoring for the calls.


  • Voice Logger helps in recording the calls of your telemarketing callers, trading agents, and customer care and verification department for your business.
  • Using Voice Logger you can solve the dispute and avoid communication gap with your customer.
  • You can also reduce the high bills by avoiding misuse of the phone.
  • The software provides phone recording, list-call log with date-time, incoming-outgoing numbers, duration, and more information.
  • This enables your agents to make a connection with your customers and understand the problem with their performance.



The software will record the call store them in voice logger server and use the data for better caller experience. It is a turnkey recording and all the conversation of the customer are logged and structured.


Monitor the recorded call or live customer’s interaction to keep a track of Inbound and Outbound interaction which is used for quality control and performance review.


It will set the parameters for better agent’s performance and train them with the prerecorded data. It provides the agents to build a connection with agents and understand their performance.


It will store all your recorded data in voice logger server for 6 months and it customizes the duration time if required. All the data is encrypted so that only authorized person can access it.