India’s call center industry is one of the largest multilingual Call Center Software industries in the world, providing employment for some 3.1 million people in the country accounting for approximately 8% of India’s GDP.

Call Center Software, in simple words, is basically a hub, where a large number of phone calls are dealt with. For all the contact centers, the main focus is a good customer experience and now, this is where call center software and the inbound and outbound call center services jump in.

Uses of Call Centre Software:

Talking about call center software, they had limited functionality initially and were made to primarily route the inbound phone contacts. With advancing time, however, these Call Center Software has expanded their capabilities to be able to route contacts across multiple channels, including email, chats, SMS, social and so much more. The functioning of these Call Center Software has further been empowered by working on integration with technologies as below:

  • Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • Helpdesk
  • Social media
  • Knowledge-based services

Now coming to the application of this Call Center Software technology, we must know about Inbound and Outbound Call Centre Services.

How are outbound call Centre software services useful to us?

“It takes months to find a customer… seconds to lose one.”

– Vince Lombardi

These basically include making calls to customers, rather than handling the incoming calls or customer queries. This clears the motive behind these services, i.e., they are sales focussed. These are the people we usually refer to as the Phone Bashers. This may include telemarketing, lead generation, surveys or even debt collection.

Whether a Call Center Software contacts their customers via PBX, VoIP or cloud, implementation of call center software’s is really helpful for providing these outbound services with maximum customer satisfaction. The motive behind using these is also to turn a call center into a resource for the Sales and Support team, as done in lead generation.

  • Lead generation is not something new to the world of commerce, but trends suggest that it is probably the next big thing in forthcoming times. It aims at connecting with prospective clients to inform them about various products and services and simultaneously raise awareness and interest with regard to the same in the clients or customers.
  • Appointment Scheduling is a lesser-known, but an important outbound call center service provided by growing companies. This service aims at convincing potential targets into taking appointments with the company’s sales personnel. This is a part of the business development of a business.
  • Customer Surveys are another important outbound service, which helps the company be familiar with the customer’s requirements, changing trends and demands. This is done by making updates to the existing customer database. Here, the call center software plays the role by providing with tools to determine and monitor staffing levels required for handling customer inquiries about the same.
  • Customer retention, telemarketing, sales are other outbound services offered by a call center.

As opposed to offline resources, Call Center Software offers Server Message Blocks (SMBs) and enterprises alike a live, online platform for customer support. Using the analytics in a call center solution, management has a sharper view of customer service and satisfaction. An IT team configures phone systems to obtain any necessary hardware. Most call centers are easy to set up and the workflow further makes the long-term management of a Call Center Software solution quite easy.