What is Click to Call Solution? Click to Call for Your Call Center

What is Click to Call Software Solutions:

Click to call a type of digital communication in which a person needs to click a button or text in order to connect with another person in real-time. It is a fully integrated outbound dialing application used for call center agents to easily switch between other agents. The software helps by allowing teams to make calls quickly, regardless of application which they’re working. The software will also provide the facility to record calls and also upload call notes automatically.  Using Click to Call you can send message to the customer which saves you typing the message again and again. You can also record the call and these call logs can instantly be passed to you CRM section for further query. Using the software will save agents time and they do not need to say message again and again.

The customers who use the web can request the phone calls by just entering the phone numbers. It helps in allowing the customer to connect with the business at the right time by clicking the button, sending text, or image on the web page. . These connections which are made can occur via phone call, SMS or by Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP). Here the Click to Call links are commonly found as buttons on the websites. But we can also take click-to-call hyperlinks over emails and videos. Click to call is more popular in busy and fast-growing call centers. It does not require any customers to download the software other than the standard plugins. It will provide the power to the agents to make the calls quickly in less time and earn the profit.

Click To Call Software Working:

Working process of Click to Call is too easy that everyone can easily understand. The software helps in making a call quickly for the software for which they are working. The software also allows teams to record live call data and upload call note automatically. It allows any visitor to call from within the site without entering any detail or dial number through their phone.

Clicking on the phone number on your screen you will directly call a lead. This will help your sales team to work directly inside your existing CRM for more calling and saves agent time.

 Click To Call Software Benefits:

  • Save Time:

Click to call dialer software works to save time on a few big levels, which will save your team time typing the numbers on the phone.

  • Automatic Data Logging:

The software will automatically help in the log all the data which one of the biggest task. Since these click dialers automatically log all the data which empower your team in the real world.

  • Call Recording:

Does not record your agents call will miss out an opportunity of connection and training? A Click to Call Dialer will solve this problem for you and provide data to refer back to later if they so choose

  • Simplified Prioritization:

It is the best way to get major results from your call team is to prioritize activities by focusing on your most engaged prospects. It provides the insight to identify these leads and make a plan to connect with them as quickly as possible.

Click To Call Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Integration within a web page, landing page or an app
  • Call recording
  • Auto dial
  • Callback
  • Integration with IVRS
  • Call Detail Reports (CDRs)

Click To Call Importance:

  • Easily Configured:

Simply configure your system with a few clicks, and you're ready to go. It's that simple!


  • Easy-to-use, one-click dialing:

Make telephone calls simply by clicking on the contact’s phone number in the Campaigners while using your current telephone system. Click-to-Call even includes voicemail capability.


  • Fast and easy one-time set-up and configuration:

 Easy-to-configure, web-based controls let administrators easily enable Click to Call features. — no software is required.

  • Improved call volumes and calling efficiency:

One-click calling speeds up call volume to let sales people quickly reach leads and convert more sales opportunities.


  • Connect with your devices:

Use any mobile or landline telephone to connect. Works with different system software’s and Android devices, as well as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.