What is IVR? Call Center IVR Software Solution | Smart IVR System to improve your business

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system which directly interacted with the customers gather all its information and route the call to appropriate available agents. This is a computerized telephony service which allows a computer system to interact with the human using telephone input or voice. Organizations that have a high call volume prefer IVR System for attending their customer’s queries. The conversation is either prerecorded or a generated audio which directs the call to the live agents. It dials the number and direct callers using DTMF or Speech recognition technology. An IVR System plays a pre-recorded voice which played at the time when the customers call. The software will attend the call interact with the caller, gather information and route calls to the appropriate agent. The software will provide you a recording which gives you a better experience as there are many options which guide you to choose your appropriate service.

IVR allows customers to interact with the company system using telephone keypad or by speech resolution. It will play a prerecorded voice message to the customer which will direct them to their solution. With multi-level IVR System Software will route the customer to the right agent by providing a recorded option for each solution. . IVR Outsourcing is very useful in situations where a contact center executive is not necessary. IVR system is simple and effective which reduces the cost and increase the efficiency of the company.

Working of IVR:

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a software technology which allows the incoming callers to navigate a phone system which talks to a human operator. An IVR works with DTMF tones, touches tones with telephone and some have voice recognition or AI to route callers. Telephone lines which connect with IVR System help, support lines and call centers. IVR Software helps both the caller as well as the call center agents from receiving the call and transfer it to the agent. The DTMF tones and Speech recognition allow the caller to simply talk to their native languages for better response. Using AI with IVR Software helps in routing the callers to their intended place or in their needed information.

Benefits of IVR:

  • Increase contact resolution:

IVR helps in increasing contact resolution as after customer’s calls they are directed to the most capable agent or the most appropriate department. The agent who receives the call is capable of answers the caller’s questions.

  • Increase Service Efficiency:

Agents who work for the company who uses an IVR Service is more proficient in solving a specific problem and meeting specific needs of the customer’s that they are assigned. It results in an increase in service efficiency.

  • Reduce Costs:

Using IVR Service will replace the receptionist or a customer service agent who answers all the calls and transfer it to the available agents. They are also very affordable; it increases efficiency and reduces costs.

  • Automated Survey:

The software can integrate a phone-based survey into your phone system for your help. Our phone system can call your customers within a few minutes of their call for a quick, short survey. It is a good option to take your customer survey at their most convenient time. The survey is customized and would be available 24/7.

  • Package Delivery:

As you are delivering the packages, furniture, appliances, etc. it is too difficult for the agents call each and every customer for confirming the delivery time. We can customize using software so the customer will confirm the time and reschedule if they want.

  • Auto Attendants:

There are many small and big industries which try to deliver and looking to provide services beyond the traditional 9 to 5 PM time frame. The IVR system works as simple or sophisticated as you need and it is able to handle all the routine inquiries and also lookups like getting account balances, collect payments and more. It can also be configured for detecting high-value clients.

  • Collections Notifications:

There is much business and all have to deal with the customers which are falling behind in their payments and many of them either end up using collection agencies, which take their profits, or spend their own resources with constant follow-ups.

Features of IVR:

  • Integrated with ACD

Our Automatic Call Dialer software and IVR Software is built and using the same platform for working.

  • Centralized IVR System

No matters where your teams are located, all of your customers will use the same interface by using our cloud IVR software.

  • Professional Voices

Attract your caller with your professional voices. Take your company too high using IVR solution helps customers in recognizing our company brand.

  •  Right connection

IVR software directs your caller to the right agents with a department they belong. It helps in reducing the callers time with IVR number.

Importance of IVR:

  1. Easy Accessibility- IVR Software solution is easy to switch to a new automated system. With this plan the companies of all sizes can take advantages of all benefits without any worrying.
  2. Better Services- Using the IVR software customers feels that they are being better attended to. If customers are calling with specific questions, the automation gives quick response and time efficient.
  3. Wider Personalization- IVR Software system allows better personalization which helps in creating a better relationship with the customers. Each IVR knows the caller with their caller ID.
  4. Create Better Image- Smaller companies as well as bigger companies can create their best image using the IVR System. IVR is a great tool which fits with a number of benefits and advantages.