What is Predictive Dialer Software? Smart Predictive Dialer Software for call center

A Predictive Dialer Software, an outbound call dialer system which can dial calls automatically using the list from the database. We can call predictive dialing an intelligent call dialing and call processing system. It will automatically dial many calls from the list by using telephone numbers. Like other auto-dialers, predictive dialer call numbers automatically and can help agents screen for busy signals. Dialer system having the ability to utilize a call by checking the human agent’s availability and then make a call. The dialer software functions through a computerized system that dials which can dial list or batch of numbers and connect the call to call center agents. Another best feature of a predictive dialer is that it helps in dialing multiple numbers of calls at a time.

The software aims to minimize the time that agents spend waiting in between the conversations. The dialer uses some special algorithms to calculate the exact time when the agent should finish the call and pick up the next. Predictive dialers having the capability to calculate the average time of the calls and the average number of dials. Dialer makes a connection by connecting both and then optimizes dialing so it can move the agent from one call to the next. It can connect only live customers call directly to the agents who are free. The dialer not only detects the call results but it also saves the records in the server database.

Predictive Dialer Software Features:

  • Lead Management:

Lead management is one of the basic features that every predictive dialer should have. It helps in managing the leads with their activeness and behavior, review them then assign to the agents to make calls. We can use lead generation feature by enabling CRM in our predictive Dialer software.

  • Provide Real-Time Reports:

Predictive dialer software will provide a detail real-time call report of agents, from starting until the call ended. As the report is more important in further enquires, it helps both the agents and the manager to decide the complete productivity of the calls done by the software. The report will more useful for further queries.

  • Call Monitoring and Recording:

Predictive Dialer support Call monitoring and recording, it is important as we want to see the performance of the agents so that we can provide better and best solution to the customers. Using predictive dialer software with the campaign can provide additional information about agents and help in improving the performance of the agent.

  • Monitor Performance:

The manager can monitor the performance of the agents through integrated call monitoring and recording campaign. To increase the performance of the agents they provide training on a real-time basis to increase the performance of the agents.

Predictive Dialer Software Advantages:

  • Accelerate sale, predictive dialer software help in connecting more and more people in less time period it connects the right customer in quickly which results in the complete process in less time.
  • Satisfied customer, the organization which uses predictive dial as a dialer software will focus on providing better services to customers which satisfy the customer. By reaching the customer with special which they actually want mostly this increases customer loyalty.
  • This Predictive dialer software will make work easier. We can manage the data, calls and the report of the employee generated during the call. It is the best combination of technology and some of the latest tool.
  • Organize database, predictive dialer software helps in maintaining the uses database and maintain all the related information. Which means that no one can misplace the data of the user either it is the manager or the client. An agent can dispose of a call manually, on request, after wrapping up the call.
  • Another advantage to consider is the capability of the dialer to transfer live calls to the agents automatically. First, the dialer dials the numbers from the contact list. Then, it will transfer the calls to the agents located anywhere. Thus, agents who are working remotely from their homes will be able to receive calls.

Predictive Dialer Software Uses:

  • We can use Predictive Dialer Software in telemarketing where we have to dials multiple calls to the customers.
  • Predictive Dialer Software provides us the freedom to dial unlimited phone calls to the customer. It provides more help in increasing productivity.
  • Predictive dialer provides automatic retries to those numbers which are answered by a machine, no answered or line busy.
  • Using predictive dialer software we can increase productivity so that we can earn more profit.