What is Progressive Dialer Software? Best Progressive Dialer for Automatic Phone Dial

Progressive Dialer is an automated outbound calling software which connects agents to the calls which are answered by the live person only. Or we can say that Progressive Dialer Software is a way of an outbound solution in which the dialer automatically dials the number from the saved call list of the customers. The dialer automatically dials the list of numbers from the saved calls of customers. In progressive mode, dialer runs using you’re calling lists across the different campaign at the pace of your operations. The Dialer system will avoid busy signals, answering machines and disconnected numbers. Dialer will provide the time to the agent so that they can review the customer's information presented on the display. Dialer makes the interaction between agents and customers with less time wastage. Dialer has more data-based dialing techniques and dial call when the agents are available.

It helps in maintaining the pace of outbound calls as per the business operations. Progressive dialing provides inbuilt contact details to the agents to easily dial calls. Dialing system ensures consistent workflow and connects call only when the agents available. The dialer will run according to calling list and call will be dialed when the agents are available. Progressive Dialer is most useful for sales team and contact centers. Using this agent spend less time in managing call list and more time talking to customers. Using progressive Dialer contact center can experience the productivity benefits while connecting with outbound calls. It will dial the next call until the previous call finished.

Progressive Dialer Software Working:

Since there are many transactions made on phone, sales agents must make the best use of their time by keeping the agent's talk time. In Progressive Dialer first individual agents manually dials a number. After dialing the number agent wait for the call which is dial for connecting. In order to maintain a higher level of efficiency and output agent must keep a steady stream of communication flowing. Having an advanced automated system helps in reducing the downtime causing a low level of efficiency. Progressive dialer helps the sales team by automatically dialing out a list of numbers one after another to maintain the constant flow of calls.

Progressive Dialer Software Benefits:

  • Increase Efficiency

By using Progressive Dialer Software, call center agents will waste less time in dialing the calls and spend more time talking with the customers. This will lead to more sales and greater revenue gains.

  • Multiple dialing modes

The Progressive Dialer offers a variety of dialing modes to suit your needs. The dialer sets the time zone and the list and customized them to meet the business needs.

  • Maximize conversation with authentication

Effective calling is Effortless nowadays like never before by using progressive dialer software. The software will automatically get the availability of authentication from the front desk representatives. Dialer will dial multiple numbers from the list of leads and connect a live call to the agents.

  • Effective Communication

Progressive Dialer helps in connecting the agents to the live call with the visibility of them and dialer will also cut the waiting time of the agents. This will provide agents more time for talking and get the better way to expand the product. 

Progressive Dialer Software Features:

  • DND Filtering

With the help of DND Filtering in the progressive dialer, customers on DND will not receive updates from your company, which helps in saving the time.

  • Live Analytics & Dashboard

Using the dashboard you can see live calls page which is modified to show agent type. Agents those who are on the call data will now show the summary of Outbound calls data.

  • Upload Contacts

With Progressive Dialer you can upload your contact list on the panel and feed data forehand. You can automate your phonebook on the panel and save time.

  • Campaign Logs

Using the campaign log one can see the status of running, completed and paused the campaign. Now, this campaign log can be filtered using the campaign type filter.

  • Agents Availability

By using singular dashboard, we can change the agent’s availability status that they are available or not, also change the type of agents, type of call group and agent type.

Progressive Dialer Software Importance:

  • Easy of interaction:

Agents will get access to the relevant customer information on their screen while the call is getting connected. All the campaign related scripts are available on the agents screen for ease of interaction.

  • Productive:

Progressive dialer aims to reach more people by dialing out more number of calls. This does not offer any control to Agent over call dialing hence no time is wasted in between two calls.

  • Analysis & Reporting:

Dialer software will offer complete analysis based on Agents activity & Campaigns, which help in providing analysis reports based on the disposition. Customize process based reports are possible.

  • Customize operation:

It offers seamless integration with 3rd party CRM application. Customize popup form is offered.